Broughton Family Tree

Been workign on my Family Tree for over 40 years. In the beginning it was much traveling and talking to relatives to get information. It was slow going on my last name Broughton ancestors. I hit a brick wall at my great grandfather Oren Oliver Broughton who was born 1872 at Clay County Kansas. Today with the help of online databases I have the Broughton name traced back and verified to my 9th great grand-father John Broughton who came to America from England when he was 20 years on in 1635. I have made numerous discoveries the past two years.

To date I have verified that I have 5 x-great grandfathers, several great uncles and cousins that have fought in the Revolutionary War and many others in the US Civil War for the Union. On the Broughton line and others I have a military heritage: 8gg John Broughton (1653-1731) King Philips War, 6gg John Broughton (1717-1777) Revolutionary War, 5gg Michael Broughton (1763-1815) Revolutionary War, 4gg Zephon Broughton (1791-1856) War of 1812, 3gg Jonah Richards Broughton (1815-1878) US Civil War, and grandfather Samuel Kellogg Broughton (1899-1960) WWII.

I have two great-fathers that came to America with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower – 10gg John Howland (1592-1672) and 12gg Francis Cooke (1582-1663).

Looking forward to sharing here many more discoveries I have made. I currently have the Family Tree listed on as a public tree – The Broughton Hauser Family Tree.

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